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For many people, the best classical guitar is the cheapest – made entirely of linden plywood, at the lowest possible price, with the largest amount of giveaway. Top quality guitars are not sold that way.
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A good way for a beginner guitar


I often get to know the best classical guitars in the world. These are guitars that by their very performance motivate to learn and practice. They have an excellent sound and are made of well-prepared wood. Hardly anyone realizes how difficult, complex and expensive the process of building a world-class classical guitar is. Learn how to choose a good classic guitar for advanced and beginners.
In our store we have only selected classical guitars of the best brands.

The best for beginners are often used guitars, which were produced a few, several years ago. On the secondary market we can still find real guitar gems and you don’t have to look for long. Recently I was looking for a good classical guitar for a student friend. It turned out that there are still a lot of old instruments from the best years of production. I found a $ 2500 soldering guitar that played beautifully – a very good classical guitar – practically unavailable in Europe at present.

So just look around and you can find a very interesting copy, often in very good condition – you know how often it is with the life of classic guitars – these are the guitars most often bought for learning, and as we know, sometimes enthusiasm goes out before learning to play for good . In this situation, we have an old guitar that looks and behaves like a completely new, there is only one important condition – such a guitar must have a good storage history Odkryj wygodę współpracy z mobilnym przedstawicielem, który przygotuje propozycje optymalne do Twoich potrzeb i osobiście przeprowadzi prezentację dobrych gitar klasycznych w wybranym przez Ciebie miejscu lub w jednej z naszych lokalizacji.

You need a guitar with a unique armrest or exotic wood. We will bring it and prepare it especially for you.


The best reviews about our classical guitars


Guitar Discovery No. 1 – “GuitarClassics” – the best guitars for professionals

A great place that I discovered a few days ago when buying a guitar for a new customer. The assumptions were simple – the best guitar at the best price.
Website quite modest, few products in stock – they make you write and ask. After a quick exchange of emails, it turned out that they have about 10 top models of very good guitars that I would be ready to buy right away. However, I was still wondering where the prices significantly reduced. They write that they have low operating costs, because there is no showroom, because they travel and present guitars themselves, but despite everything … I decided to go.

My visit to a Guitarclassics representative lasted almost 3 hours! Mr. Kris brought me two factory-packed guitars and two used guitars, although they could be considered new according to my criteria. Great world-class equipment, plus no chance to buy in my nearby stores.
And where from 50-60% lower prices? I have to admit that the process of obtaining this equipment was even a surprise to me. These are the best classical and flamenco guitars, imported from Western Europe, Australia and the USA, where there is a slightly different sales policy. Instruments from the previous year are sold out in all ways, because customers often wait for the latest models. Guitars with incomplete packaging, other equipment …

But I didn’t expect what lowers the price of such good guitars the most. These are other shades of varnish, wooden elements or accessories that disqualify very good equipment. I was very surprised when I learned that some companies in the west do not throw away, and even intentionally destroy the guitars of the best brands that have more or less shiny polish, a different shade of bone on the saddle or which has found a lighter piece of rosewood on the bridge than in the catalog.

It can therefore be said that the company not only gives a great range and unique offer on a worldwide scale, but also has a beautiful mission to save the best classic guitars doomed to destruction.
The selection of instruments is at a very high level – all the guitars watched had the best possible sound parameters and did not have the slightest structural flaws. I also don’t think that they are somehow specially selected for my visit because I have not boasted that I am a professional luthier. If you are looking for something from the top shelf and want to save a few thousand, I definitely recommend checking their range.

The best classical guitars are not made in China,

the best classical guitars don’t have thousands of giveaway

the best classical guitars are not available for purchase here and now

the best classical guitars do not cost $99

the best classical guitars have a top board made of solid spruce or cedar wood