Federmeier SW-90


Federmeier SW-90 – unique and robust


Federmeier SW-90 – unique and robust

Professional instruments in the Federmeier SW 90 series are made by skilled luthiers. A rosette in an elegant design. The back and sides are made of a special rosewood. The Federmeier SW-90 guitar enhancements used include an acoustic grille and a much better fingerboard for easier use. This makes the guitar ideal for students, but it is a model mainly for professional guitarists due to its very good sound.

The iGitar is equipped with very good quality machines finished in gold with tips made of elegant mass. Fingerboard in abrasion resistant rosewood. The guitar comes with a hard leather case and a great humidifier.

UPPER: Solid cedar

SIDES AND BACK: Solid rosewood

NECK: Mahogany

Fingerboard: Solid Rosewood



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