Many people ask me what strings to buy for a good classical guitar. In my author’s ranking of classical guitar strings 2020 there won’t be a long list, but I will write what classical strings are my current favorites after years of experimentation and testing. Here you will find several sets that caught my special attention. I hope this entry helps you find the right guitar strings and I hope you enjoy testing the strings. Because one thing is clear when it comes to strings – try them and study, because the flavors are different. Thanks to my types, you are guaranteed that you will be on the right track in search of the best classical guitar strings!

Best classical guitar strings

f you’re new to the world of classical guitar, you’re probably a little overwhelmed when it comes to choosing a new string set! However, with a little knowledge and using my experience, you can quickly find the right set for your guitar. On this blog I will try to show the best types of strings known to me that are available for a classic guitar with nylon strings.


Top best classical guitar strings

Good strings last longer

It is also worth remembering that over the years you will use hundreds, if not thousands of sets of classical guitar strings, because unfortunately they do not last forever, although some have a significantly extended life. so if you buy a string set that you don’t really like, this is not the end of the world. You can simply drop them and put on a new set within 15 minutes.

Another thing to remember is that, just like in the music itself, there is a lot of subjectivity, which means that the set that is best for you may not suit someone else. You may find that the string set is much brighter than others, depending on the guitar you are playing, so experiment again as much as possible. I say this because of the fact that classic guitars do not use pickups or amplifiers to improve the sound of the guitar, but rather convey the natural sounds created by you. So the strings are colossal.

What strings – subjective ranking of strings for a classical guitar