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We make the purchase of a guitar easier through online presentations for people from around the world. Guitar Classics Store

We help you clearly define your choice

I know you want to make a smart choice. I’m offering you a clear plan that involves maximum reduction of risk and effort.

I select guitars from the best manufacturers and import them from all over the world. You can buy new, used, end-of-line and end-of-year stock models.

Ask for an offer today! Benefit from our extensive online presentation. Watch the videos and compare professional sound samples, which we will prepare specially for you. We will send you the guitar you select by insured DHL air transport.

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Selling the most modern office equipment since 2004 in San Francisco. CA

What we Sell

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Our Mission

However, not everyone can afford to buy a new custom instrument. An intermediate solution is e.g. a visit in our store for aftermarket guitars in excellent condition. Detailed descriptions of featured our models and their properties can be found on our website. We encourage you to contact us and visit our music store, where you will find original and unique violin making instruments.


Very high quality guitars

Luthier guitars, which we recommend to lovers of playing stringed instruments, are handcrafted products of high quality. They were created in the violin making workshops appreciated by professional musicians, famous for their care for details and precision of workmanship. We recommend this option primarily to those who are not on offer serial producers what they would expect from an instrument. Unique Original sound, unique way of connecting the neck with the body and many other unique solutions make the guitars manufactured by small violin makers enjoy unflagging interest.

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