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Discover the best classical guitars from around the world. Are you looking for the one? Write to our advisor – order an online presentation with a film and sound samples. Enjoy the biggest guitar opportunities that rarely go to. Talk, book, experience! We are here to help you.

Classical guitars – a store of great possibilities

Store with classical guitars “GuitarClassics” is a place that brings together people like you – lovers of good sound and good bargains. This place was created for those who want to buy an excellent classical guitar, at an acceptable price, with a guarantee and professional advice at every stage of the purchase, as well as after purchase. As the only company we import used instruments and series ends from foreign distributors, offering unprecedented prices and much better quality. You can find an interesting guitar for the price of the “average” and you will save a considerable amount of money. Buy an excellent classical guitar!

Are you far from music stores or you want to avoid wasting time picking up defective lower-class guitars? Discover the convenience of cooperation with a mobile representative who will prepare optimal proposals for your needs and personally conduct a presentation of good classical guitars in a place of your choice or in one of our locations.

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Dzięki współpracy z dystrybutorami z całego świata oferujemy bezkonkurencyjne ceny.

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We offer unbeatable prices thanks to cooperation with distributors from all over the world.

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We do not import inferior guitars. Each instrument is selected and has a guarantee.

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Want to know more about our classical guitar store?

The idea for an unusual music store with guitars appeared many years ago. The impulse for action was the urgent need for a supply of well-made first-class instruments. Why? For several years we have been observing a constant tendency to bigger and bigger problems with the quality of music equipment that comes to us. It is difficult to say what is the reason for this, but today it is not easy to enter the store and buy a good guitar that would not have at least one serious disadvantage, affecting the convenience of the game or the sounds produced. The matter is understandable when we are dealing with a classic guitar for learning for $ 100-200, while the problem begins when we encounter the same circumstances with an instrument at a much higher price.

We decided to bypass publicly available distribution networks and began to import the best classical guitars that were available ourselves, avoiding Asian products as well as flagship European companies that also produced only in China. We decided to knock on Spanish, American, Japanese and several smaller companies that no one in Poland knew yet. In this way we have shown that you can import good equipment – of course mainly to order. It also turned out that classic guitars of the highest quality are not much more expensive for producers than “waste” so eagerly imported to Europe. Thanks to many years of experience, we can boast of a good range.

How can you get a better price for a guitar?

We never save on quality – we only offer proven guitars whose durability leaves no doubt. We often import copies from the previous model year, which significantly reduces the price. We often choose guitars that do not meet the manufacturer’s strict color standards – a different binding or bridge color, a different tone of the soundboard, etc. These are often elements that make the instrument actually worth more than normal, and we can bring it down I appreciate. These are real bargains that allow you to find unbeatable offers and buy your dream guitar at a reasonable price.

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